Why Choose Us 

About Us 

Moore Oil Company is family owned and operated and has proudly served Alabama and surrounding areas for the past 60 years. Our company continues to meet the needs of our satisfied customers in this vibrant and growing community and strive to exceed our clients' expectations.  A distributor of top quality gasoline and diesel fuels, Moore Oil provides comprehensive fuel supply, distribution, and delivery to our customers. We supply fuel to some of the Southeast’s largest commercial and industrial companies, as well as many small, privately owned companies and individuals.

The Beginning 

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service. It’s all about relationships. As a company, we believe that developing strong relationships is the only way to build successful working relationships with our business partners, vendors and regulatory agencies. Moore Oil Company continues to place the customer first by bringing industry knowledge, trust, experience, and a competitive structure to the customer. Our partnership with each of our customers is the one thing we value the most.

The footprint of what is now the largest light products petroleum jobbership in Alabama began fairly modest in 1954, when Ron Moore borrowed $300 to make a down payment on a delivery truck along with an 800-gallon used gas tank that he purchased out of a junk yard. From that day, he delivered kerosene, using two 5-gallon buckets, to small grocery stores in and around Birmingham. Moore hasn't forgotten his humble beginnings. "I like to say the business survived in spite of me," he smiles. "I was blessed unbelievably along the way, including my wonderful wife, Liz. Fortunately for me, I got my father-in-law along with the deal. He was an educator who took it upon himself to teach me about business. Without him, I wouldn't have known what appreciation was, or inflation. I like to say that he gave me the home schooled equivalent of a master's degree." His father-in-law eventually loaned them $5,000 to expand in the oil distribution business, but Moore was not one to be in debt for long. "From that first $300 I borrowed, our emphasis has always been on financial planning," he says. "We've reinvested our profits into the business and stayed away from debt as much as possible. We have grown the company deliberately and methodically." Moore bought out a Chevron jobbership and lubes business in the 1980's and the company today includes multiple brands. Since 2000, the jobbership has continued to grow through the acquisition of upward 15 other companies.